Verus Works

Verus Works designs and manufactures fittings for aerospace hydraulics and other niche hydraulics and pneumatics applications. The company, founded in 1981, works with design engineers and buyers to supply standardized or custom products that meet specific aerospace standards such as AS5202 and AS930.

Verus Works is a small, woman-owned business driven by its owners to deliver high quality, cost-effective products and personable service to each and every customer. We pride ourselves in our ability and commitment to deliver our products and services according to our customers' needs and specifications – affordably and on time.

We welcome your questions and encourage you to ask about the Verus Works ability to customize or modify your product design. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of products and services.

Products to AS930, AS5202, and other AS Specifications

Products from Verus Works include valves, connectors, unions, hose barbs, flow restrictors, and manifolds that meet aerospace standards for fittings, ports, threads, hydraulic hose and tube connections, materials, finishes, and product marking. Port designs typically adhere to AS5202 or MS33649.  Fittings which mate with AS5202 ports such as AS934 fittings, the VerusCHEX check valves™, AS4350 hex head plugs, or AS5169 bleeder plugs meet the AS930 straight thread design standard. Products for flared and flareless hydraulic tube connections meet such standards as AS4329 cap assembly, AS4375 (AS33514), AS4377 (AS33515), AS4395, AS4396, AS5174 union, and AS5230 union or, for legacy applications, MS33656 and MS33657. Materials used in Verus Works aerospace products typically follow AS4875 for fluid connections. For example, aluminum AS930 plugs are from 2024-T851 or 7075-T7351 and AS930 to AS33514 connectors are from 316 stainless steel (AMS 5648). All threaded products targeting the aerospace market meet AS8879 for aerospace J (UNJ) threads.

Verus Works successfully supplies the aerospace hydraulics market not only because of its knowledge and experience with aerospace fitting standards such as AS5202 and AS930 but also because of its tuned manufacturing processes and relationships with quality finishing vendors. Because of these relationships, Verus Works confidently produces dip brazed aluminum products to Mil-B-7883, passivates stainless steel products to QQ-P-35, conversion coats aluminum products to MIL-DTL-5541, hardcoats and anodizes aluminum products to MIL-A-8625, and cadmium plates stainless steel products to MIL-F-14072.


Prototyping Aerospace Hydraulic Systems

Verus Works maintains capabilities to customize products, build prototypes, and hydraulically test early stage designs. Verus Works’ capabilities and experience encompass all aspects of product development: requirements definition, CAD design, CAE analysis using FEA, prototyping, and CNC production. Customers can provide finished requirements or work with Verus Works engineers to specify requirements necessary for developing a prototype or finished product.

Engineers and technicians at Verus Works use an integrated process for product development. Experience combined with this controlled process facilitates rapid iteration between concept, requirements, CAD models, FEA analysis, and CNC prototyping. Hence, working with Verus Works can easily and quickly extend a customer’s engineering design capabilities or satisfy unmet product requirements to meet ever shortening project lead times.