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A synopsis of common aerospace standards for hydraulic applications

AN fitting

37° metal to metal flared fitting for hydraulic hoses and metal tubing.  Similar to a JIC 37° fitting but AN meets aerospace standards for materials and threads (e.g., UNJ threads) and hence is a more stringent specification.


Defines identification marking methods for aerospace fittings.


Specifies straight thread fittings that typically mate with AS5202 or MS33649 ports.  Threaded fittings include valves, hydraulic tube connectors, and plugs that thread into bosses and manifolds.


Specifies straight thread fittings.  One end is an AS930 fitting that mates with AS5202 or MS33649 ports.  The second end is an AS4395 fitting for connecting tubes and hoses.


Hex head plug.  Mates with AS5202 or MS33649 ports.  Sizes -04 through -12 in increments of two and -16 through -32 in increments of four.


Functionally equivalent to AS33514.  May eventually replace (supersede) AS33514.


Flared AN type 37° fitting.  Male with external threads.  Mates with hose or tube having a female fitting meeting the AN standard.


Specifies material, heat treatment, and finishes for straight thread or flanged aerospace fluid connection fittings.  For example, an AS930 aluminum manifold plug can be made from either 2024-T6 or 7075-T73 and must be anodized blue (2024-T6) or brown (7075-T73).


Specifies port designs with straight threads in bosses and manifolds.  Ports typically mate with AS930 type fittings.  Port sizes are specified in 1/16” increments using dash numbers, e.g., -04 = 4/16ths or 1/4.  Superseded MS33649.


Specifies “J” type threads (controlled root radius) for military and aerospace applications.


Superseded MS33514.  Specifies fitting end for flareless tube connections.  24° fitting.  Mates with NAS 1760 or equivalent fittings on hoses and tubing.  Two styles of AS33514 fittings:  G (round…no hex) and E (hex…allows for gasket seal).  Note:  Common to have fittings in which one end is an AS930 threaded fitting (for installation in an AS5202 port) and the other end is an AS33514 threaded fitting (for connecting hydraulic tubing).


Superseded by AS8879.


Superseded by AS5202.  Specifies port designs in bosses and manifolds.


Superseded by AS4395.


Superseded by AS4396.